When asked to put my thoughts into words in a blog, I asked myself what it means to work at Colorado Scale Center. I thought about writing a few paragraphs about the equipment we sell and the services we offer. I even had a rough draft written in my head. The first paragraph would outline the overall products and services we offer, and then I would get more specific as the story unfolds.

But, that’s not who we are. Sure, we sell industrial marking and coding products and industrial scales, but there is so much more. The owner of Colorado Scale Center, John Arceneaux, is truly one of the most honest, ethical, and caring people I have ever met, let alone had the pleasure of working for! And it’s his outlook on life and business that are passed down to every employee and customer that join the Colorado Scale Center family.

Of course we are driven to win and grow our business, but helping our customers’ grow their business is where we all win. It’s our experience, knowledge and product offering combined with our customer service outlook that have made us who we are today. And it’s the relationship we have with our co-workers and customers that makes work seem not so much like work.

Please visit our website to see some of the great things we provide and offer. But if you can experience what it means to be our customer, you will understand that there is more to Colorado Scale Center than what is on our website. You can read about John in the “About Us” but what we can’t put into words is how he treats us and our customers. John has instilled in us an attitude of “there are no small customers.” It does not matter if you are looking for a $300 scale, or building a new factory from the ground up, you will get the same service regardless.
As Sales Manager of Colorado Scale Center, I invite you to call us. We truly honor the opportunity to introduce ourselves to new customers, and invite you to see the extra mile we go for our customers!
Thank you for reading our blog. Be sure to check back for more industry and company news!