Laser It: Laser Coding

Counterfeiting and its impact

The impact of counterfeiting can affect both the profitability of the legitimate company and its reputation. It is clear that fewer goods sold will result in a drop in revenue. The potential lower quality of the counterfeited goods can also have a huge knock-on effect on the company’s reputation.

Laser Marking: A Security Feature

What are the benefits of using laser coding to avoid Counterfeiting?

Of all the different coding technologies, it is laser coding that is often most attractive to companies concerned about counterfeiting. This is because a laser coder can print permanent, high-quality codes onto a wide range of substrates including glass, coated metal, labels, and plastic – at all line speeds.

Laser codes can’t be rubbed off, making them the ideal solution for traceability and anti-counterfeiting:

  • laser marking creates a permanent, indelible mark
  • distinct codes create added complexity to deter counterfeiters
  • laser marks can be discreet or easily visible
  • numerous materials can be laser marked (e.g. paper, glass, plastics)
  • laser marking is a fast process which can keep pace with all production line speeds
  • codes can show traceability of the product and can help determine if the product is fake or genuine

So, whether you are a small operation or a large-scale manufacturer, considering a laser-based marking solution can help to protect your business. It will provide you with high-quality codes, it will save you money in the long term and it will increase your protection against the counterfeiters who seek to profit from your brand.

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