Mark Morton, Sales Manager

Meet Mark Morton

Mark is our Sales Manager for Labeling Equipment, Scales, Balances, and Force Measurement Equipment

I grew up in south Florida and always had a passion for cooking and baseball. Playing college baseball was a great accomplishment, but unfortunately, that is where my sports career ended. With a finance degree in hand, I decided to chase my dream of becoming a professional Chef by attending Johnson and Whales, and studying for a semester in Italy.

Becoming a successful Chef is not an easy task with all of the hours you have to put in to climb the ranks, and most of them being opposite of what normal Monday to Friday, 8 to 5 jobs are. Therefore, I pretty much only got to spend time with my wife on Sundays. We were wanting to start a family, so I knew things would need to change.

What Makes Mark Successful

Having known John as a family friend for years, he approached me with an opportunity as a Project Manager for Colorado Scale Center with future potential for moving into sales. Needless to say, the stars were aligned and I’ve been with Colorado Scale Center for 6 years now with 2-year in project management, and 5 years in sales. Instead of a job, cooking is now a passion again, and I get to spend plenty of quality time with my wife and two kids.

One of my favorite parts of the job is getting to live out the show “How it’s Made” on a daily basis. I love seeing the different manufacturing processes, and through many weeks of training on equipment over the years and spending so much time in plants, I’m very confident in my ability to provide excellent solutions to increase efficiency and help better our company’s bottom line. I am also very much a people person, and really enjoy building strong relationships so that our customers know they can count on us in their times of need!

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