Doug Wheeler, National Sales Manager

Meet Doug Wheeler

Doug is our National Sales Manager of the Marking/Coding and Packaging Division

I grew up in Indianapolis and went to Purdue before moving to Colorado in 1997. I have really enjoyed all of the amazing things that CO has to offer, such as: world class golf, Red Rocks / live music scene, camping, hiking, dog parks, craft breweries, all the incredible sunny days, lack of bugs, no humidity…..I could go on and on! I wish I could still ski and snowboard, but I broke my feet in a unicycle accident and my feet throb so badly within an hour that I had to give it up.

Through most of the late 90’s and 2000’s I sold mobile storage systems to hospitals, museums, libraries, court houses, and many other private sectors. I joined Colorado Scale Center in early 2012 and the Manufacturing world was new to me, but I have loved learning how things are mass produced and getting to live the “How it’s Made” show on a daily basis.

The coolest thing I’ve gotten to experience since joining Colorado Scale Center was going into the clean room with the James Webb Telescope, which is the new version of the Hubble Telescope that Ball Aerospace is launching soon, hopefully. Ball wanted to weigh it before and after it was put into the cryogenic chamber to study how it reacted, so we got to take certified weights and scale into the clean room. This telescope will undoubtedly change how we see space, so this was a very incredible experience!

Why Colorado Scale Center?

Colorado Scale Center can provide proven solutions that equate to more up-time, lower costs, and excellent service. Therefore, we are an asset and a solutions provider, not just another company selling something. From the owner down, Colorado Scale Center as a whole is very customer service oriented and I’m very proud to be a part of that philosophy. We have been very fortunate over the years to have so many contacts who leave one company and go to another and bring us in to help their new company, which is a huge testament to our ability to help.

My sales manager that hired me was very experienced in manufacturing sales, and has been a great mentor and friend for years now. After 9+ years in the industry, I’ve become an expert in designing and implementing packaging/coding solutions that can greatly help our client’s bottom line.

Reach out now to schedule an onsite analysis and let us see how we can help your bottom line!

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