Ben Phillips, Sales Manager

Meet Ben

Ben is one of our valued Sales Managers

I grew up on the Central Coast of California where I developed a passion for fishing and mountain biking. The cost of living was so high there that my family decided to take a chance and move to Salt Lake City, Utah in 1995. The transition was a bit challenging, but I adapted well and quickly realized what a gem Utah is. I discovered rock crawling, and the great outdoors where I could ride, camp, fish, and hike all while having a big city to enjoy excellent dining and live music. It’s also where I met my amazing wife and we now have two kids, so I’m very thankful that my parents took the chance!

Ben’s Journey into Manufacturing

My journey into the world of manufacturing began in 1999 as a production line worker. I was able to rise in the ranks and was always mechanically minded, so I worked my way into Maintenance. I have been servicing and maintaining equipment for 15+ years now, but I was also curious what else I could do with my skill set.

Therefore, when our Colorado Scale Center rep that serviced our account told me he was having to make a career change for personal reasons, I jumped on the opportunity to reach out and inquire about joining the team as the Utah/Southern Idaho territory rep, and the rest is history.

Colorado Scale’s high-quality equipment offering, and excellent customer support were two things that made me want to be a part of their team. My years of production floor experience and servicing/maintaining equipment has really help with the transition into equipment sales, plus I can often service equipment that we don’t sell. So don’t hesitate to reach out for new equipment solutions, or if you are struggling to find mechanical support on your current equipment and let’s start a partnership that will last for years.

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