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Marking and Coding

If you are a food processing facility, pipe manufacturer, metal stamping operation, or concrete facility, you probably place a mark on your product so that an end user can track where it came from. Colorado Scale Center offers a complete line of marking and coding equipment for all of your Product Identification applications.With many companies selling thousands of different marking and coding products across the country, how do you find the right equipment for your business? We’ve seen customers buy a piece of equipment that does not work for the application, or its low cost of purchase was so attractive only to find out that the cost per image was so high it made the printer impractical.

At Colorado Scale Center we’ll help you pick the right machine, but in many cases provide you with more than one option for the same application. We can give you the pros and cons for each application, as well as a cost per image that must be factored into any decision.

We have the experience and the knowledge to give you all the information to make the choice that best fits your needs. We sell and service products from a variety of industrial printing manufacturers including Matthews Marking, Squid Ink, Foxjet, Inc Jet, Leibinger, Anser, and PIN Group. See our complete list of marking and coding manufacturers as well as common uses for marking and coding equipment below.